Ties 繫 – Alvis

Ties (繫)

fxhash 2.0 Launch

Surrounding Things


This artwork is part of a series that Alvis currently exhibiton in Shanghai Film Art Center . The idea behind “Naturalness” is not about typical nature like flowers or trees; it’s more about being carefree and relaxed. The goal is to express a state of ease and simplicity, kind of like going with the flow. 

In this piece, the artist explores the essence of effortless nature by programming mathematics that mimic natural flow. aiming to encapsulate the imagery and core of this inherent simplicity. Viewers are invited to experience a vast sensory journey that stirs a sense of their own insignificance.

Unveiling Artistry

The powerful strokes of pixels stack up on the screen, revealing textures reminiscent of rocks sculpted by water and time, and structures resembling the muscles and bones of living organisms.

Colors blend skillfully, creating the illusion of light and shadow, yet allowing one to feel the chill of moonlight and the lingering warmth of the setting sun.

The artist seems to have observed the shaping and destruction of the world with a detached perspective. It is a piece of art that appears to be the result of prolonged contemplation, profound insights, and strength.

Before this artwork, I deeply felt my own insignificance amid the passage of time.


Alvis Lee