the Generative Taipei On-Site

The Archipelago Hashed 2023

“Generative Taipei On-Site: The Archipelago Hashed 2023” is divided into four areas: artist, theme, installation, and interaction.

It is collaboratively planned by four teams of Volume DAO with diverse perspectives, showing important aspects of blockchain-generated art. The artist area includes “Folio” by Canadian artist Matt DesLauriers and five pieces by Brunei artist Yazid Azahari’s works which are deeply influenced by minimalism.

The theme area focuses on the “recursion” technique and visual style, discussing the infinite differences created by the same mechanism. Fourteen artists participate in this area. In addition to contrasting digital programming works with rare Miao embroidery from the museum’s collection, the installation area also uses real-time plotter to create works.

Finally, in the interactive area, the audience can adjust parameters and receive works by artists Yi-Wen Lin, Aluan Wang, and Hsing Huang as proof of attendance.

Exhibit Zone Theme

Aluan Wang

After The Cave、Chaos & AI Research

Matt DesLauriers


Yazid Azahari

Automatism、365、Hashed Cities、Ir/rational Beauty、Hatched Forms <3


Fractal Trees、Subdivision、 Cellular Automata


Material:Miao Embroidery、Stroke:YYYSEED


Recursive and Blocks、Sequencing