Ties 繫 – Samuel Yan

Ties (繫)

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I’m sure many of you, like me, are not people who actively put their true feelings out there. This may be what is often referred to as introversion and shyness. However, our inner world is often very full of emotions. We have that one switch or lock on the door of our heart that is usually closed.

It’s used to protect ourselves, or to hide ourselves. But, we also need that one moment to let the budding emotions inside us blossom.

Yes, maybe it’s now! It’s time to unTie that knot that’s been tied for a long time, let the cheer be released, let’s cheers, and let’s celebrate!

Unveiling Artistry

With a cheerful rhythm, the artist playfully scatters vibrant splashes of paint in all directions, instantly releasing the tension that had been building up.

Colors swirl and dance in the air, resembling both fireworks and ribbons.

The dynamic interplay of color blocks and textures is like a swarm of bees taking refuge in their hive during a long storm. Finally emerging with the sun, the collective joy of the bee colony is akin to the happiness felt in the artwork.

The title of the piece brings a knowing smile— “untie” contrasts beautifully with the exhibition’s name, encapsulating both the somber and playful elements within.