" Ties (繫) "
fxhash 2.0 Launch

I came here to stay!

“I came here to stay!” is an abstract generative watercolor painting.It is an output from Licia He’s original generative algorithm titled “Arcs and Vertical Lines.”

This 2023 Python-based algorithm generates instructions for drawing robots.

Pen plotters (Axidraw A1) physically rendered the outputs with various watermedia.

Unveiling Artistry

The scene is divided by curves, depicting the wind and stars, disintegrating and overlapping as if viewing the world through patterned glass. The world’s appearance transcends its original concreteness, transforming into complex abstract elements—concise yet pure.

The arrangement of color blocks conveys a dynamic and harmonious rhythm, while watching the artistic process of the robotic arm is an incredibly soothing experience. It’s akin to observing the world through a stained glass window, where simplicity and movement coexist in a beautifully choreographed dance.


Licia He