Ties 繫 – Kazuhiro Tanimoto

Ties (繫)

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This work represents the interaction and flow of objects of various scales through animation and audio.

Even seemingly stable phenomena are in constant flux when viewed on different scales of size and time, and there is no such thing as an unchanging situation. Each object is as small as a grain of sand when viewed as a whole, and no single object alone can affect the whole, but is swallowed up by the larger currents and fleetingly disappears, emitting a fleeting color.

I feel that the life of a person is like this.

Unveiling Artistry

Kazu’s artwork transports you to the heart of certain natural landscapes, capturing the rushing flow of rivers, the accumulation of sandbars, the layering of rocks, and the moment waves crash onto the beach when viewed from above.

His pieces exude tremendous energy, guiding your gaze continually forward. It’s akin to standing atop a mountain, instinctively pausing to watch clouds rise, twist, and dissipate. By the seaside, you might find yourself entranced by the layers of waves crashing in, with white foam yet to fade before the next wave arrives. This artwork embodies a life force reminiscent of the Earth itself—repetitive, endless, and eternally constant, captivating your attention without a moment’s diversion.


Kazuhiro Tanimoto