Generative Taipei On-Site


“Automatism” is a long-form generative artwork created by Yazid on Art Blocks, inspired by the free expression that arises from unconscious writing on a blank canvas. Through this piece, Yazid attempts to give machines the same blank canvas and see where their “brain” and “hand” will wander. The work explores 426 iterations of output, inviting viewers to actively interpret the visual result. The strokes mix various movements, such as irregular curves, straight lines, sudden turns, etc., and avoid overlapping with previously drawn strokes through a classic random walk algorithm.

There is no pre-programmed form in this work, but interestingly, viewers often feel symbols and meanings in the generated images. So where does your mind wander? What forms, symbols, and meanings do you see in these images that are traversed by machines?


“365” is a minimalist series of works created by Yazid, in which he makes one piece per day from January 1 to December 31, 2022. They are created using the p5.js library and are carefully selected from a large number of iterations using algorithms. The artist consciously selects the elements for each image, from basic elements such as dots, lines, and grids to basic color and texture choices, making it a short-form generative artwork.

The release of “365” is like a calendar that is flipped daily, with one selected iteration image created each day. This approach not only records the passage of time but also weaves short-form generative art into a road trip, inviting collectors to participate.

Unveiling Artistry

Yazid, from Brunei, creates generative art using code and algorithms. He explores the concept of minimalism, its meaning, and the boundaries between analog and digital materials. Through generative art in various forms, long and short, he seeks to discover the possibilities of collaborative creation between machines and human creativity. Yazid’s works are owned by many collectors and have been exhibited in various spaces around the world, including Singapore, Frankfurt (Museum Angewandte Kunst), Lugano, Valencia, London, Marfa, Hong Kong, and Art Basel Miami (2022).