Generative Taipei On-Site


Influenced by concrete poetry and early computer art, the artist has designed a painting system that converts hash values on the blockchain into text-based art similar to the works created by early drum printing.The artwork strongly emphasizes the interactivity of spatial installations, allowing the audience to influence the generative process and outcome of the work. This interactivity gives the artwork a unique live experience, making the audience part of the creation and showcasing the changes in technology and nostalgia for the good old days.

Unveiling Artistry

A Canadian artist currently residing in London, Matt DesLauriers has dedicated years of research and practice to programming, software, and generative processes. He is also active in the open-source community, releasing many tools, software, and libraries to help other creative engineers and generative artists to create and exchange ideas. His well-known works “Subscapes” and “FOLIO” have been featured on the Art Blocks Curated series and Bright Moment curatorial platform, respectively.