Generative Taipei On-Site


We invite artist Yi-Wen Lin to produce a generative art work “Sequencing” that can be minted on site, and Hsing Huang to produce “Recursive and Blocks” of which the parameters can be adjusted by audience. Show your hands and take out your phones!

Recursive and Blocks

Generative art on the blockchain is usually algorithm-based, with a random seed to confirm the uniqueness of the work. However, relying entirely on algorithms to produce visuals, it is difficult to grasp the appearance of the work. Therefore, generative art sold on the chain usually designs some “traits” so that the work has some pre-designed structures, such as color, aspect ratio, line thickness, etc.

The vision of this work is mainly based on the algorithm of block segmentation, with attributes such as background color, main color, color change degree, segmentation shape, etc., to produce various colors and appearances. Initial blocks of 1×1 to 3×3 are randomly generated at the beginning of the work, and each block has a certain probability to divide itself again, and finally become blocks of different sizes scattered in the space.

You are invited to use your mobile phone to actually manipulate the changes in attributes, experience the generation of works in real time, and feel its charm!

Recursive and Blocks #17
Recursive and Blocks #31
Recursive and Blocks #54



Settlers in the New Media World, New Immigrants in the Crypto World.

Since 2014, he has been exploring interactive new media, developing interactive devices, apps, web programs, etc. In 2017, he began to create a series of AR works. He has won several official Meta international AR competition awards, and is also a lecturer at Taiwan Meta’s “Yuan Universe Training Institute”.

In 2021, I will step into the encrypted art world and start the creation of NFT. His work “Resonance Like Water” won the akaSwap Ruoshui Art Award; he also exhibited works such as “Blooming” and “100HEN – Not Without you” at the Taipei Museum of Contemporary Art.

After stepping into the world of generative art, he successively released works such as “Overstacked”, “Flossom”, and “Recursive and Blocks” on fxhash, all of which achieved good sales results. In addition, he also actively collects and trades works, and currently has thousands of works in his collection.


Based on algorithms, generative art can produce visually diverse and constantly evolving results. However, the infinite possibilities also make it difficult for the artwork to be appreciated, as each generated piece only exists fleetingly. With the advent of blockchain technology, a new method of creating art has emerged using the crypto technique of hashing the random seed generated during the transaction. This creates a permanent record of the artwork, turning it into an eternal piece of art.

“Live Mint” aims to extend the concept of creating eternal moments in the virtual space to the physical space, making the audience a part of the artwork by “encountering” a unique piece of art when the minting process is initiated.

The artwork featured in this Live Mint event is “Sequencing” by Yi-Wen Lin, a Taiwanese artist based in the UK. This piece of art is inspired by the Fibonacci sequence, generating millions of points in a three-dimensional space to create intricate lines, while cutting out different sized cubic spaces based on the sequence to explore the rhythm and contrast of shapes. Through the integration of the Fibonacci sequence, this artwork explores the intersection of mathematics and art.

To participate in the event, viewers are invited to scan the QR code of their wallet address using their mobile phone and open their Tezos wallet to instantly mint a unique piece of art.

Sequencing #68
Sequencing #74
Sequencing #104


Yi-Wen Lin

A creative coder and generative artist, who has been living in Europe for over ten years and has resided in both Paris and London. Influenced by years of living in Western culture and education in Eastern culture, the artist attempts to integrate different cultural elements into their work. Their large-scale interactive pieces have been exhibited at the Barbican Centre in London and the Dubai World Expo. They have also been actively creating generative art for many years, with works featured on internationally renowned platforms such as Art Blocks and fxhash.