Generative Taipei On-Site

After The Cave

Chaos & AI Research (Open Editions)

Artist Aluan Wang focuses on the modern course of painting art history, incorporating his own projection of art history into his imagination of future machines with the help of self-created algorithms and AI programs.

His works utilize real-time generated algorithms, which are triggered and generated upon receiving input commands. This creates a highly uncertain and unpredictable experience for each viewing, making generative art unique and one-of-a-kind. Aluan Wang’s creations challenge the audience to rethink the evolution of painting and the infinite possibilities of technology and art.

Unveiling Artistry

The first Taiwanese digital artist to enter the Art Blocks, Aluan Wang, has opened the door to the world of art with his “algorithmic art”. His presence can be found on popular NFT platforms such as fxhash and world-class art exhibitions like Art Basel. In addition to his personal art creations, he is also dedicated to developing the NFT art ecology in Taiwan and Asia. In 2021, he collaborated with a team of creators and researchers in technology and art to establish akaSwap, the first NFT art platform in Asia, injecting diversity into the NFT market.